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Cabin Types

Klafs Sauna, Klafs Sanarium and Klafs Steam Bath cabins by Ocio London, with their virtually endless design permutations of heat and humidity, will generally form the central pillars of your heat experience offer. For more information on the quality of our cabins please click here.

Sauna 80-95°C Up to 5% Relative Humidity

Ocio London will work with you to bring your dream Klafs Wood concept to reality.
No one builds saunas like Klafs, with a fusion of creative design and technical excellence, and the whole package is brought to you by Ocio London. Take a look at the extensive Klafs range of possible bespoke, contemporary, or rustic designs.

Talk to Ocio London about a Finnish sauna, or perhaps a Russian-style “Banya”. 
Choose between the various grades and designs specifically selected by Klafs of Hemlock, Spruce, Kelo, Aspen and Smoked Oak for the cabin interiors and select a sauna bench design from the numerous options cut from Abachi or Aspen.

Why not add Klafs Bellaveda, Coloured Light, Liftlight or Crystal Light for soothing ambient colour change or perhaps include Klafs glittering Starry Sky to take you and your customers to sauna relaxation nirvana?

Ocio London can package under bench or open sauna heaters to work within your guidelines to create an experience suitable to your market. If you require a low supervision infusion experience where water and essences are doused onto the heater rocks to create an invigorating and instanteous burst of heat and humidity, Ocio London will design a Klafs automatic infusion system for you.

Alternatively, it you want to go native, specify an open Klafs “Majus” heater and Ocio London will train you on how to operate the invigorating and fun manual infusion ceremony!

Sanarium 50-70°C and up to 55% relative humidity.

The Klafs Sanarium is a patented Klafs product. No one creates such a healthy and pleasurable fusion of gentle heat and humidity in the way Klafs does. The Klafs Sanarium is not just a “soft sauna” and beware, there are many imposters branded along the lines of “Saunarium” or” Tropcarium!!”  

Cutting edge Klafs technology ensures that in a Klafs Sanarium, the cabin environment maintains a steady level of heat and humidity. A Klafs Sanarium is not just a sauna with a periodic infusion of humidity with the consequent peaks and troughs of the heat/humidity balance. The steady state fusion of heat and humidity brought to you by Klafs creates the healthy environment in which research has suggested is optimal in boosting the immune system, is an aid to relaxation and can be an effective tool in managing lifestyle high blood pressure.

However, the main reason why the Klafs Sanarium is typically the largest and most popular cabin in a wellness area is not because of the scientific data, but simply that being in a Klafs Sanarium is so relaxing and comfortable. For anyone new to thermal bathing, the Klafs Sanarium is an excellent introduction and the Sanarium will also be very popular with your female guests.

The Klafs Sanarium by Ocio London is also an excellent tool to use in conjunction with your treatment menu as with many massages and treatments, it is desirable for the client to enjoy a quick five minute warm up in a Klafs Sanarium cabin prior their appointment with a therapist.    

All these healthy benefits plus the huge range of Klafs design options are brought to you by Ocio London! 

Klafs Steam Bath, 43-48°C and 100% relative humidity.

Many people’s favourite! Luxuriate in thick clouds of essence infused steam. Add Klafs proprietary Steam Jet injection experience and take your clients steam bathing nirvana with an on-demand blast of steam! Have a client who is never satisfied that the steam is thick or hot enough? They will forget where the complaints book is!      

Klafs steam rooms and specialist steam showers brought to you by Ocio London are available to suit all design tastes and budgets. Klafs  Domus or Primus range of acrylic steam baths are simple and easy to install and give you all the benefits of a Klafs steam experience at an entry level price-point.

Pushing the boat a little more, why not take a look at Klafs Quadrano range of vibrantly coloured acrylic steam baths with Klafs Starry Sky, music or Klafs steam jets?
Klafs range of pod steam showers such as the Klafs Valley or Klafs Mosaic Designs can be specified to include a huge range of traditional shower and experience shower heads and tile and mosaic finishes.

Should your procurement team be looking for a cost-effective Klafs tiled steam cabin , let the Ocio London team take you through the options provided by the Klafs Royal and Klafs Hombre ranges.

If your requirement is more bespoke it is true to say that with Ocio London in partnership with Klafs, the sky is the limit.

Tell us what you want to achieve and if it is possible we can do it! The Klafs sample room bulges with extensive ranges of glass and stoneware mosaic, hand-made mosaic, stoneware tiles and natural and artificial stone, granite and hand-made glass panels. 

All the ceramic and glass materials used by Klafs have been stringently tested by Klafs Quality Control to ensure performance and fitness for purpose in the very oppressive environment  found in the essence laden Klafs steam room cabin.

As a client of Ocio London, when you specify a Klafs steam experience, you can be confident that the performance and longevity of your Klafs experience cabin is guaranteed.

Let the Ocio London team show you what is possible!