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Adrian SandbachOcio London

Ocio London was founded by Adrian Sandbach, a highly experienced Wellness professional with 20 years experience on the UK and international commercial leisure scene.

Having previously run his own London-based Wellness Consultancy and held various Key Account and Sales and Marketing roles within the commercial fitness market, Adrian has been directly involved with Klafs since 2003 and brings a wealth of product and project management experience to the table.

Drop Adrian a line for an informal chat and let him and talk you through the experiences and possibilities and let him bring your concept to fruition.  

Red Dot Design AwardKlafs GmbH & Co.KG

The world’s largest and most successful Wellness Company, Klafs have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke thermal and spa experience cabins for over 50 years. Based in Schwäbisch Hall in Baden Württemberg in Southern Germany, Klafs as a brand is a bye word for excellence in manufacturing and design with circa 700 employees.

In addition, as a €100 million turnover business with direct subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Poland and over 50 partners worldwide providing comprehensive global coverage, Klafs GmbH has the unrivalled experience and financial clout to be your Wellness Partner of choice. 

Klafs is unique in that all wood and “wet” cabins cabins are manufactured on-site using proprietary techniques and technology. All cabins are pre-assembled for quality control prior to being shipped to customers. Where Klafs outsources component manufacturing, the components are made to Klafs requirements and are not available on the open market.