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Klafs Experience Showers

Ocio London can bring a huge number of Klafs shower options and finishes to any design team meeting. The Klafs shower range by Ocio London can vary from “off the shelf” round and snail shower designs to any number of specialist bespoke designs unique to a particular niche or requirement with all types of Klafs approved glass and stoneware mosaic finishes options..

Klafs showers can be simply used for hygiene or become specialist cool down or sensory experiences in their own right. Why not add a Klafs experience shower head with Klafs Tropical and Klafs Ice Rain features?

Add extra “zing” by specifying the Klafs essence injection system, which infuses the Klafs Tropical Rain or Ice Rain with either a selection of tropical fruit essences or perhaps a eucalyptus essence infusion, which not only provides the energizing eucalyptus fragrance in combination with the Klafs Ice Rain deluge, but also has an electrifying effect on the skin! 

In addition, a specially designed light experience by Klafs interfaces with the push-button experience controls to bathe you in a deep red or cool ice blue light for the duration  of the shower experience.       

If cooling down as part of the thermal sequence is the goal, then Ocio London bring you a huge range of  Klafs designs such as Klafs deluge bucket showers, Klafs spike showers, Klafs body-jets, various types of Klafs waterfall showerheads and Kneipp hoses by Klafs.

These Klafs showers provide solid jets or deluges of cold water which can be a bit of a shock for the first-timer but you feel absolutely wonderful afterwards as solid jets of water have a significantly greater cooling down effect as compared to normal multi-jet shower heads!

Consult the Ocio London team and see how we can configure an optimal mix of Klafs shower experiences for your facility.