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Klafs Professional Sauna


Hot and dry and one for the purists! Add huge wow factor and fun by programming in a series of infusion ceremonies!


Professional Sanarium


The Sanarium is a patented Klafs product. No one creates such a healthy and pleasurable fusion of gentle heat and humidity in the way Klafs does.


Klafs Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Sauna

Go back to basics with an outdoor sauna - the real sauna experience! There nothing quite like sauna bathing in an outdoor sauna.


Klafs Professional Steam Room


Many people’s favourite! Luxuriate in thick clouds of essence infused steam. Add Klafs proprietary Steam Jet injection experience and take your clients steam bathing nirvana with an on-demand blast of steam!


Klafs Heat Relaxation Rooms

Heat Relaxation Rooms

These rooms can be used for a gentle heat experience or relaxation and in some instances have been configured for a specific experience such as a Salt Inhalation or Aroma bathing.


Klafs Snow Paradise

Snow Paradise

Unique to Klafs and winner of numerous industry design awards. Cool down in a cabin chilled to -15°C complete with stalactites of pure snow and drifts of fluffy powder.


Klafs Salt Grotto

Salt Grottos

Remember when you escaped the city and took your first breath of sea air? Then think of how a Klafs Salt Grotto could add to your client’s relaxation experience.


Klafs Mud Baths


Klafs have developed a series of experiences from the Spa Pearls range to dedicated Mud Bath heat experiences and various permutations of the Hamam cabin experience.


Klafs Heated Loungers

Heated Loungers

Heated loungers are a gentle heat and relaxation experience whether in their own right or as part of an experience room.


Klafs Foot Spas

Heated Benches & Foot Spas

These elements are integral to the optimal sequencing of hot and cold experiences and will always be found in “full service” spas, hotels, or Aquaparks.


Klafs Shower Experiences

Experience Showers

Klafs are able to offer a huge range of “off the shelf” and custom shower pods.


Klafs Sanospa


The Klafs Sanospa is a specialist hydrotherapy water jet system for single, or dual occupancy...


Klafs Tao Sensa

Tao Sensa

The Klafs Tao Sensa fuses eastern mysticism and reflexology in one experience. A bespoke reflexology based pathway, offering a low supervision “wow” experience to your clientele...


Klafs Technology


Smart Technology can be harnessed either to maximize operational and environmental effectiveness, or simply because you love gadgets!


Klafs VIP Suites

VIP Suite

Klafs are experts at designing and delivering specialist VIP Spa suites incorporating numerous potential mixes of heat, hydrotherapy and relaxation experiences.