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Klafs Heated Benches and Footspas

Klafs Heated Benches and Footspas by Ocio London, used and sequenced appropriately within your thermal bathing concept are a critical piece within the spa journey of your guests.   

These Klafs elements are integral to the optimal sequencing of hot and cold experiences and will always be found in “full service” spas, hotels, or Aquaparks.

The Ocio London team are both Klafs and Wellness experts and we will happily share with you the operational gems which will make integrating Klafs footspas into your Wellness offer a resounding success.

Klafs Footspas can also be integrated into a pedicure treatment menu as required, as well as being an incredibly relaxing and healthy experience in their own right. 

Ocio London can offer a huge range of Klafs tested and approved designs and materials. The Ocio team will work in partnership with your design and architectural advisors to fashion a fit-for-purpose Klafs solution for your product.