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Klafs Specialist Thermal Rooms, 38-55°C and 30-70% relative humidity

Klafs Specialist Experience Rooms by Ocio London can be used for a gentle heat experience or relaxation and in some instances have been configured for a specific experience such as a Klafs Salt Inhalation or Aroma bathing.

You may also have come across these labeled as a Klafs Caldarium, Laconium, Tepidarium, or perhaps a Hamam.

A Klafs Caldarium room, as the name suggests, takes its origin in the bath house culture of Roman times and is a gentle dry heat experience for relaxation. Characterized by Klafs body shaped benches with heated foot rests, the Klafs Caldarium is deeply relaxing as well as creating an environment where the heat exerts a gentle exfoliating effect on your clients.

Klafs Designs by Ocio London vary from ornate Roman to ultra modern and everything in between. Ocio London will consult and show you the options and decide what would work best for your product and design concept..

Other specialist Klafs cabins popular in Wellness facilities worldwide and brought to you by Ocio London are the Klafs Laconium or Tepidarium.

Typically ornately decorated rooms, these are gentle sweating cabins and are especially popular with the addition of heated loungers and ambient features such as one of the selection of Klafs designed ambient systems light and music systems.

Alternatively these Klafs Thermal Experience cabins by Ocio London can be set up as “Silent” relaxation rooms with the possible addition of a gently trickling water feature to add to the ambience of complete relaxation.

It is also common for guests to fall asleep on the loungers in a Klafs Laconium as their bodies switch off from the strains and stresses of everyday life and yield to the deeply warming, gravity-free sensation!

Let the Ocio London team analyze your concept and market and recommend which specialist Klafs heat experience cabin or cabins would be best suited to your product and target market.