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Klafs Heated Loungers

Klafs heated loungers by Ocio London are a gentle heat commonly found in Wellness facilities worldwide. They are a relaxation experience, whether in their own right or as part of an experience room, as well as providing an attractive visual focal point for a poolside area or wet-side spa.

Choose from Klafs Linea or Klafs Modern Art designs or talk to your Ocio London designers to establish a bespoke solution for your product.

Finishes are available from the extensive range of Klafs approved stoneware mosaics and on the Klafs Linea range, designers can specify bespoke materials with which to clad the special Linea plinth either to match a general wet area tiled finish or to create a differentiated look.

Heating on Klafs heated loungers can either be via a hot water supply/return set up or electric heating according to the M & E (Mechanical & Engineering) brief.

Klafs heated loungers by Ocio London can be a central feature of your marketing armoury and product offer. Talk to Ocio London’s experts and let us suggest a Klafs package that is appropriate for your concept.