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Outdoor Sauna

Go back to basics with a Klafs outdoor sauna by Ocio London - the real sauna experience!

Sauna and heat bathing originates in the various heat ceremonies practiced by native peoples from the frozen tundra, to First Nation tribes in North America, to the bath houses of Roman times and hamams of the Middle East.

First and foremost, these heat experiences were social events that reinforced community bonds, cooperation and mutual interdependency. Klafs Outdoor saunas brought to you by Ocio London replicate this unique social feeling with cabins that can accommodate up to 40 users, all luxuriating in the communal pleasure of heat and humidity.

Programme in a series of infusion ceremonies as practiced in Europe, Russia and Scandinavia and your Klafs outdoor sauna will become an exhilarating destination and offer your business a real point of differentiation versus the competition.

Targeting a corporate market or groups?
The Klafs outdoor sauna infusion experience by Ocio London is guaranteed to aid team building as the ceremony is huge fun and a great leveler. Honestly, who can take themselves too seriously as the increasing heat and humidity created by throwing essence infused water or ice onto open sauna rocks, plus blasts of fresh air of the towel ceremony, raise the temperature to the point that a dash for the cold shower or plunge pool becomes inevitable even for the most hardy of sauna bathers!                       

Specify Klafs rare Kelo pine, freeze dried by nature. Only 1 in 1000 trees fulfill Klafs quality criteria for use in building your outdoor Klafs Kelo sauna. There are a plethora of designs that the Ocio London team can bring to the table.

Perhaps a standalone Klafs outdoor sauna nestling in a wooded area forms your concept of working in tune with nature? If your goal is to make your Klafs outdoor sauna as unobtrusive as possible and integrate this Ocio London experience cabin with a green theme, why not opt for a Klafs Earth Sauna?

The Klafs Earth sauna is sunk into the ground and plants/grass/mosses are specifically cultivated on the Klafs sauna roof, which not only provides a “Green” roof in the sense that it achieves great insulation properties and absorbs rainfall therefore controlling run-off, but the structure also looks amazing!     

Speak to Ocio London and let us take you through the options available with Klafs.