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Klafs Craftsmanship brought to you by Ocio London

Klafs WorkshopQuality is not just about perception, it relies on manufacturing excellence. From 1952 onwards Schwäbisch Hall based Klafs has developed the largest state-of- the-art joinery operation in Germany.

Klafs works to the highest production standards and techniques which ensure true quality and consistency, the benefits of which are obvious to all Ocio London customers and reflected in many years of trouble free operation and wonderful aesthetics.    

Klafs also constantly strive to develop new procedures and techniques. The Klafs philosophy, mirrored by Ocio London, is one of continuous improvement and this is a philosophy which has made Klafs the market leader in the sauna sector.

Klafs cabins by Ocio London not only provide our clients with a deeply pleasurable, relaxation experience, they do so in harmony with nature. This ecological approach is reflected in our Environmental Policy.

Klafs commitment to quality can be summarized as follows;    

“Our extensive experience is reflected in every detail of a Klafs sauna.“

An investment in a Klafs sauna by Ocio London is a commitment not only to your good health and relaxation, and but also reflects a certain healthy philosophy towards life.

Klafs state of the art production and proprietary designs, brought to you by Ocio London, ensure not only the longevity of your investment, but also guarantees that you will enjoy many years of pleasurable and healthy sauna bathing in the most optimally controlled mix of heat, fresh air and humidity.    

Wood, the raw material that dreams are made of

Klafs WorkshopYou don’t need to be an expert to know that wood is the key factor which determines the quality of a sauna. Choosing the best material for every cabin type does, however, require something in the way of experience.

The knot free, highly durable, Canadian Hemlock Fir is the most suitable for saunas and the Sanarium and the highest grades are the woods of choice for Ocio London’s Klafs cabins .

The type of ultra high quality Canadian Fir Hemlock as selected by Klafs will not warp, even under the most extreme conditions, and the wood radiates heat consistently with no “hot spots”.

Cutting Edge manufacturing technology ensures the highest quality

Klafs WorkshopOn arrival at Klafs manufacturing facility in SHA, all the specialist timber is rigorously assessed and graded by cutting edge technology.

Klafs boasts one of Europe’s most modern scanner grading systems. The scanner sorts the wood by consistency of grain and colour and cuts automatically rejects any material deemed unacceptable for Klafs high standards

A perfect mix of craftsmanship and technology guarantees total satisfaction

It doesn’t matter how unusual or bespoke  your requirements are - Klafs saunas by Ocio London are actually less expensive than you might have thought .With the benefit of our state of the art manufacturing techniques, experience and skill of our employees, Ocio London in partnership with Klafs can turn around your dream personal sauna fast and efficiently with rigorous attention to detail.

The Klafs end product supplied by Ocio London will exceed your expectations!

Every Klafs Sauna Cabin by Ocio London is custom-made

However complex or demanding an installation may appear, whether, for example, having to design around sloping ceilings, or irregularly shaped bay windows, the Klafs team merely see these as challenges to be overcome.

Ocio London’s experts consistently create bespoke solutions which integrate perfectly with their environment.

Don’t just take our word for it

Ocio London is proud of Klafs great reputation, however all Klafs saunas also bear the independent German Manufacturing Quality Kite Marks RAL, VDE and GS for complete piece of mind.

Wellness - A complete package 

Wellness does just come from great manufacturing and technical know-how, it’s also about fusing technology with great design.

Klafs sauna designs are consistent winners of designs awards in recognition of our ability and commitment to combine science with art. Need we say more!      

The Ocio London bring you all this and more!