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Klafs Salt Grottos



Klafs Salt Grottos

Klafs Salt Inhalation cabins by Ocio London are a great way to add some respiratory systems benefits to your wellness offer. A fine mist of positively charged ionized salt is injected by a proprietary Klafs system into a heated ceramic cabin.The minute salt particles are then suspended in the cabin air providing a salty seaside feel to the air.

There really is nothing quite like arriving on the beach and taking in a lungful of fresh sea air and that energizing sensation is the feeling is reproduced by the Klafs Salt cabin at the same time as providing a deep warming radiant heat for your guests to relax in.

Add extra wow factor by asking Ocio London to design in a blackthorn visual feature.
The Klafs blackthorn feature provides a framework on which the salt crystals will crystallize to form a visual feast of glistening branches!