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Klafs Sanarium

Luxuriate in a blend of heat, humidity and aromas of the classic Klafs Sanarium as the smart technical interface by Klafs provides the perfect steady-state balance of thermal elements.

The Klafs Sanarium by Ocio London is a patented environment and beware of imitation products branded as a “Soft sauna”, “Tropicarium” or “Saunarium” cabins.

The key to the the Klafs Sanarium is the state of the art Klafs Technology which allows the user to manipulate the Klafs in-cabin environment according to their mood or preference. Combined with the extensive and industry-leading of innovative designs and interior finishes from available from Klafs, the Ocio London team can fulfill virtually any Klafs customer’s creative vision.  

A pure Klafs Sanarium would operate consistently at 58°C and 55% relative humidity with ultra sensitive Klafs sensors controlling second by second the vital balance of heat and humidity by manipulating the interaction of the Klafs sauna heater, the Klafs MK5 Visual evaporator and proprietary Klafs ventilation system.   .

It is the optimal mix of heat and humidity controlled in a steady state that makes the Klafs Sanarium so wonderfully relaxing, pleasurable and healthy to bathe in. 
Research has suggested that the Klafs Sanarium environment can be effective at helping to manage a range of ailments including high blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

However convincing the scientific data may be, the key benefit of the Klafs Sanarium as far as Ocio London is concerned is simply the fact that the Klafs Sanarium is a luxurious and deeply pleasurable wellness experience.       

With a Klafs Sanarium you also have the option of programming your cabin to run as a Klafs aroma bath, a Klafs hot air bath, a Klafs soft steam bath, a Klafs tropical bath or a classical hot and dry Klafs sauna.

Add the Klafs Sauna Pur function and enjoy your very own infusion ceremony! Want to know more? Drop us a line for a chat.

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