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The Klafs Sanospa

The Klafs Sanospa by Ocio London is a specialist hydrotherapy water jet system for single, or dual occupancy when specified as a Klafs Sanospa Duo.

Klafs have designed in 252 powerful micro-jets which pummel and massage the body in a swirl of high energy plumes of water delivering a wonderfully relaxing yet therapeutic experience. Also available from Ocio London is the 144 jet Klafs Sanospa Econ should this option be more appropriate to your available budget.

The Klafs Sanospa units are controlled via a sophisticated intuitive control panel with offers a series of standard, pre-set and bespoke programming options. Therapists can add a series of salts, essences, oils or Algae to create a signature experience along with a coloured light LED system built into the fabric of the Klafs pool pod. Klafs have even designed-in a self-cleaning programme allowing and quick, efficient and hygienic turnaround between clients.

The Klafs Sanospa will typically be found in VIP suites or alternatively sold as experiences in their own right within a wet treatment room.

The Klafs Sanospa pod can be offered in a white acrylic or mother of pearl finish or alternatively the shell can be specified with a whole host of glass mosaic tile or natural stone finishes and additional design touches as desired. Ask your Ocio London expert about the options.