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Klafs Specialist Cold Experiences

A truly relaxing thermal wellness experience, as brought to you by Ocio London, will also ideally involve the inclusion of a specialist Klafs cold experience. It is the optimal sequence of hot and cold bathing which produces such healthy and deeply relaxing results.

The sequence, in various guises, has been faithfully followed over millennia and properly adhered to ensures an exhilarating, invigorating, yet healthy way to a deeply relaxed and balanced state

Snow Paradise -15°C

Brought to you by Ocio London, and unique to Klafs, the Klafs Snow Paradise is the winner of numerous spa industry design awards for innovation.

Cool down in a cabin chilled to -15°C, complete with stalactites of pure snow and drifts of fluffy powder. The Klafs Snow Paradise offers huge fun and enjoyment and adds serious “wow” factor to your wellness offer.

The Klafs Snow Paradise has been selected by prominent UK Leisure operators to truly differentiate their product against their local and national competitors. Contact Ocio London and we will talk you through the essentials. 

Klafs Ice Fountains

The Klafs Ice fountain is a staple of many wellness areas and there is no doubt that using ice flakes as part of a cool down regime certainly adds a certain kick to the thermal sequence as well as being very healthy!

Ocio London can offer a whole series of Klafs Ice Fountains including free standing and wall mounted models which can be configured around practically any design concept.

The range of finishes that can be specified is extensive, allowing your design team huge leeway in the differentiation they often look to achieve. This includes incredibly life-like ceramic Polar Bear head sculptures should the Polar region theme really appeal!