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Klafs and The Environment




Sustainability, or a sustainable approach to business and operations by an organization requires a corporate commitment to both sustainable sourcing and processing of materials as well a commitment to investing and developing of energy saving technologies and construction methods. Ocio London are extremely proud of the fact that Klafs are Wellness industry leaders in all these spheres.

Blue Angel Kite MarkKlafs have been awarded the “Blue Angel” German industrial kite mark for environmental awareness in the sourcing and processing of materials for saunas - a first for any sauna manufacturer. Ocio London are delighted to partner Klafs in bringing this sustainable and environmental consciousness to the marketplace.

The “Blue Angel” kite mark recognizes the fact that Klafs only sources wood from registered and reputable suppliers with proven tracking and Certificate of Origin systems, with wood harvested only from managed and sustainable forests. Klafs sustainable processing of material is also acknowledged under the “Blue Angel” scheme whereby, in Klafs case, all waste from the manufacturing process is recycled via a Biomass generator to provide energy for the production and office facilities.

Energy Saving Technology

Investing in energy saving technology for your Klafs experience can be justified from either an ethical perspective or from a hard-headed business approach to running costs. At Ocio London we like to think that our enlightened customers consider this issue from both perspectives!

An additional benefit of investing in Klafs Energy Saving technology for your spa package or experience is that a commitment in this area will add credibility to the “Sustainability Audit” which is becoming a feature and requirement of any planning application.

Specific Energy Saving Technologies and Construction Techniques

Klafs Climate Manager - Running two average sized saunas with Klafs Climate Manager will save at least a combined £1800 per annum . 

Klafs EcoPlus Ceiling - Reduces the Heat Transfer Co-efficient for your Klafs sauna cabin from 0.57 to 0.33.  Simply, Klafs smart design and insulation technology saves energy and, by extension, money.

Klafs Heat Exchange Technology - Minimum savings of £1700 per sauna when installed in conjunction with Klafs Climate Manager.

Klafs Solar sauna - Running costs 70% less than a traditional sauna when set up in conjunction with Klafs Climate Control

Klafs Touch Control Professional - A Smart Spa Management tool which makes the daily manual switching on and off of control panels a thing of the past, thereby saving energy. The system also allows instant adjustment of all your Klafs cabins via a touch panel and will even send an SMS alert to your facility manager or maintenance team when they are out and about.   

Contact the Ocio London team and let us talk you through these options in more detail.

Klafs smart technology saves you energy and costs in more prosaic ways

Klafs MK5 evaporator - As used for Klafs steam rooms and Klafs Sanarium with a built-in essence pump, automatic limescale disposal and self adjustment for water hardness, this smart piece of cutting edge technology saves energy and reduces maintenance costs.

Klafs production build in semi conductor relays into Klafs digital control panels. No moving parts means no sparking, no wear and tear and extended operational life spans.

All this technology comes as standard with your Klafs package delivered via Ocio London.