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Klafs Treatments

Ocio London are always sensitive to the operational and secondary spend goals of the commercial wellness market and the extensive range of Klafs paid-for treatment experiences available via Ocio London allow spa operators to offer a wide range of thermal, flotation/wrap, wet-massage and hydrotherapy options to their customers.
These Klafs treatment options also address some of the operational stresses of offering a comprehensive treatment menu.

With the cost and hassle of recruiting, training, managing and retaining manual therapists, low supervision treatment experiences such as the Klafs Spa Pearls and Klafs Mud Bath products, can offer invaluable additions to your treatment menu and business model.

Klafs have developed the of series of Klafs Spa Pearls range of hydrotherapy, wet massage and flotation/wrap pods, in addition to the dedicated Klafs Mud bath heat experiences and various permutations the Klafs Hamam cabin experience, precisely to offer diverse programming options to Spa and facility managers.

Spa Pearls

Klafs Spavital
The Klafs Spavital is a heated, adjustable, highly adaptable wet massage table.The unit is available topped either with white or mother of pearl acrylic or, more luxuriously, with a slab of heated natural stone for a more traditional “Hot Stone” massage.    

This ergonomically designed Klafs unit is suitable for many types of massage but is specifically designed for specialist wet massages, namely the Klafs Hamam soap Massage. Klafs have built-in a soap-sud dispenser providing on-demand silky soft soap suds for the Hamam massage.

Ocio London, can also specify a series of Klafs special shower heads with a hot/cold mixer to round of the wet massage package. The Klafs Spa Vital can also be set up to incorporate Ayuverdic oil treatments.

Klafs Sanotherm
The Klafs Sanotherm by Ocio London is a beautifully designed dry float system offering our beauty and spa clients the functionality of packaging low supervision wrap treatments to their clientele.

The Klafs Sanotherm unit lifts the client up on a bed of hot water cosseting the guest in a deliciously warm cocoon. The deep warmth generated by the Klafs Sanotherm promotes exfoliation and in addition to the optional Sound Wave Massage, the Klafs Sanotherm is the complete dry float package. Operators can also offer the Klafs Sanotherm by Ocio London as a stand-alone flotation experience.

Not only is the flotation experience combined with the Klafs Sound Wave Massage blissful in its own right, the offer can fulfill a very useful low supervision added value option as part of a Day Spa package.

The Klafs Sanotherm by Ocio London is available in either white or a mother of pearl acrylic finish or go to town and opt for one of the extensive range of Klafs stoneware and glass mosaics or natural stone to round off the Klafs Sanotherm as a visual statement in its own right.   

Consult the Ocio London team about the optimal set-up for your facility and we will advise on the best way forward.    

Klafs Mud Bath

Arguably the ultimate in thermal experience room treatments, the Klafs Mud Bath ceremony delivered by Ocio London is a experience in its own right.

Clients are offered organic mineral infused mud, applied to the body as instructed by the therapist and are then enveloped in the radiant warmth of a tiled Klafs cabin, where the gentle exfoliating effect of the applied mud goes to work.

The mud will slowly dry on the skin exacerbating the exfoliating effect at which point fresh humidity will be infused into the cabin via the Klafs evaporator. Over the duration of the treatment, clients will typically douse themselves with water from the built in Klafs taps and hoses and reapply extra layers of mud as desired.

Towards the end of the treatment, Klafs supplied showers above the seats will activate a deluge of warm relaxing water which as well as been incredibly relaxing will wash off most of the remaining mud.

The final stage would then be a complete wash down in the ante room shower with possible addition of a packaged aromatherapy massage to complete the perfect Wellness treatment.

The Klafs Mud Bath by Ocio London can also be set up via smart Klafs Technology to operate purely as a steam room thereby adding an important extra thermal cabin to the spa experience room offer when the cabin is not being utilized as a Klafs Mud Bath.

Another great advantage for operators which makes the Klafs Mud Bath so popular is the fact that experience is very low supervision making staff management easier as well as also and representing a consistent income stream. As regards a operational requirements, other than an initial Mud Ceremony and post bathing flow management, the Klafs Mud Bath simply runs itself with the flick of a switch.      


The term Hamam originated in the bathing houses of the middle-east in ancient times where the Hamam was central to social life and part of the cleansing process prior to prayer.

Klafs Hamam ranges include all the main components of heat, some form of hot stone for the hot soap massage and possibly an infusion of humidity. Nowadays a Klafs Hamam experience can take various forms and formats but the primary constituents will all be integrated into the offer in some form or other.

Talk to Ocio London about your vision and market and we shall configure a Hamam experience by Klafs that is optimal for your operational requirements.