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VIP Suites by Klafs

Klafs commercial operator clients are increasingly fielding requests from their clientele for specially designed suites offering total privacy.

Not necessarily the preserve of high net worth individuals or celebrities, Ocio London VIP suites by Klafs offer a sanctuary of privacy and relaxation for couples or anyone seeking a little piece of personal nirvana in the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

The design options are numerous but recent examples have included various permutations of Klafs saunas, Sanarium cabins, steam rooms and steam showers along with pieces from the Klafs Spa Pearls range.   

Ocio London, in partnership with Klafs, are experts at designing and delivering specialist VIP Spa suites, incorporating numerous potential mixes of heat, hydrotherapy and relaxation experiences.

If you believe this Klafs VIP concept could work for your product, let Ocio London work with you to fashion an optimal solution.